As part of our mission to reinvest in the local culture, we ensure we pass on our knowledge and expertise to those who have the same passion for the industry as we do.

We support small communities and organisations through a variety of training programmes that cover Event Management, Production Management and Service & Hospitality for individuals of all ages and walks of life.

We use AQA’s Unit award scheme to accredit for specific courses, The Zoo XYZ team specialises in writing bespoke courses to enrich knowledge, experience and skills for all students. Our accreditation support is not limited to event management; we are able to organise a recognised standard of teaching across any area of learning. Many who trained with us have gone on to do paid work on our events, joined our team or worked for other companies within the industry.

All our courses

Toggle between our service offerings and let’s see how we can combine your ideas with our expertise to create an impecable event!

timelapse   Half-Day Masterclass

  Tailored 12-week course

The modules we teach help build students self-confidence and encourage students to be creative and put the skills they have learned into practice.

The sessions are aimed to inspire students to think outside the box and become event managers in their own right.

Students cover 10 modules, which look at the following topics

  • Managing Events
  • Planning an Event
  • Budget & Forward Planning
  • Venue Reconnaissance
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Event Production
  • Health
  • Safety & Legislation
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Working on an Event
  • Evaluating an Event

Students will be assessed on their class participation and how well they complete class activities, which form part of a formative assessment.

In addition, students will submit their completed portfolio at the end of the course and receive a written evaluation form on individual progress.



settings   Production Management

  Service & Hospitality



A chance to take your skills global!


Our Xchange Programme currently works across three cities; London, Accra & Johannesburg and is aimed at young entrepreneurs that want to get into the industry and develop their skills further. Once students have successfully completed training, they will then have the opportunity to put themselves forward to work across our international events.

We have successfully run our LDN - ACC phase in 2019 where students had the opportunity to train and gain practical work experience alongside our event team on events delivered in Ghana and have since covered the following cities: New York - BK Magazine Festival, Portugal - Afronation & Rolling Loud, Accra, Ghana - Afrochella & Panafrolink.

The aim is to provide international opportunities for event enthusiasts by skill X-changing and learning about other countries Events industry. They’ll gain first hand experience working on events, whilst also contributing to their own life experiences.



Courses tailored for your development

Our Bespoke Training is tailored to support and shape your event ambition from inception to delivery.

We provide a transformative learning experience based on your needs. Our training covers everything from Budgets and Venue Reconnaissance to Marketing & Promotion, Event Production, Health & Safety and Legislation for your event.


Tailored Approach

Our training offers flexibility over event type, size, budget and location. It is tailored to suit your needs no matter what stage your event is in.


Our team has over two decades of event management experience and we are confident that our experience will meet your needs.

Proven Quality

We’ve delivered successful event management courses for small to large organisations across the UK, US and Africa. We are proud to share our knowledge and practical skills to budding and experienced event professionals. events, whilst also contributing to their own life experiences.



Submit your material with confidence


We can support the submission of your course material to an AQA standard.


Bespoke AQA Accredited Unit

Unit Writing & Consultation

In order to assess the needs for the unit an initial meeting will be arranged to understand the project in its full capacity.

Internal Verification 1-2 units - for up to 30 students

An Internal Assessor will be required to remotely assess each unit ensuring all work is complete and of a stand ready for completion. In this session we will train a member of your team in order for your organisation to manage all future internal verification.

Accompanying Unit Documentation

In order to format each unit we produce bespoke documentation to make your AQA submission process easy.

This includes:

  • Unit Summary Sheet
  • Unit Format Sheets
  • Unit Outcome Forms (unlimited per unit)


Add credibility to your existing programmes


If you’re delivering an existing training programme, let us support you formalise it with a level 2 or 3 AQA accreditation.

Time Frame

  • Unit Consultation 1/2 days
  • Unit Writing up to 2 weeks
  • Client Unit Approval & Updates up to 1 week
  • Unit Submission & AQA Scrutiny Report up to 8 weeks
  • Unit Finalisation & Briefing up to 1 week

Student Registration 2021-2022

All participating students require registration with The Zoo and AQA in order to be submitted for accreditation. Student registration is billed by cohort. Our academic year runs Sept –Sept, where this fee increases annually in line with AQA’s increases.

Additional paperwork by Request

Upon request we also write and produce your course material, this includes workbooks, presentations, lesson plans and activities. Prices available through consultation.



Racial disparity within UK event trade bodies and associations. Together, we can change the landscape of the UK Event Industry.

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