The Zoo XYZ is a Black-owned, female-led, experiential event agency driven by a team of international industry experts. We are dedicated to elevating our client’s brand and work closely with them to create bespoke experiences that tell a story and engage audiences.

We understand the importance of thinking locally and acting globally. We help brands grow organically with a team that will support and interact with purpose. We plug into our local industry experts who have specific regional knowledge and support our standards of production.

Education and training are at the heart of everything that we do. We have created an ecosystem where we share our knowledge and expertise with the people and communities we work with. We are an AQA accredited training centre that can create tailored programmes to cover event management and event production.

Our mission is to build a lasting legacy by creating memorable experiences that embody style and creativity. We believe in growing a unified ecosystem where we provide education and training opportunities that enables continuous professional and personal development for all involved in the process.



We strive to continue 
to innovate and achieve the best for our clients, customers, students and team.


We are principled and take pride in everything we do.


We place ourselves in the future, committed to the growth of the industry with our community at the forefront.


We have built, and provide 
access to an ecosystem of industry experts where knowledge, expertise and opportunities are shared 
within an established 
strong network.


We tell it how it is, and act accordingly.


Racial disparity within UK event trade bodies and associations. Together, we can change the landscape of the UK Event Industry.

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